The Almshouse

Bullock Castle has a history of care. It was construction in the 12th century of the Cisterian Monks who had a strong tradition of recieving guests and providing care for those in need. The castle passed into the ownership of Sir John Watson who was in charge of the fisheries of Bullock Harbour. He became renouned for his hopitality and care of the sick and poor of the community. In the 1960’s the site was taken over by the Caremelite Sisters and remains a nursing home ot this day.

I decided to address this site and create a piece of architecture that could improve it’s condition and still retain true to the traditions of the site and the area. I began researching Alsmhouses. Both Irish and Ebgkish examples. The Almshouse model sets out ot provide charitable housing for those incapable of housing themselves or for those in need of care. The generally consist of independent housing units, often taking the form of terraced houses. The units are easily identifiable as a single scheme, as belonging to a protected community. The construction a these independent units in close proximity provides a sense of security that is desired by the inhabitants. They share entrance alleys and potential a communal unit.

Plan of ‘The Alleys’ Almshouse in Drogheda – Independant Housing units.


Almshouse St. Cross, Winchester, Hampshire – Single units with communal dinning and care facilities.


V0014619 Hospital of St. Cross, Winchester, Hampshire: floor plan of
V0014619 Hospital of St. Cross, Winchester, Hampshire: floor plan of Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images Hospital of St. Cross, Winchester, Hampshire: floor plan of the first floor. Transfer lithograph by J.R. Jobbins, 1857, after F.T. Dollman. 1857 By: Francis Thomas Dollmanafter: John Richard JobbinsPublished: February 1857 Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0

The Almshouse is the type of care that I forecast of my project. That through the provision of a tight nit community, the care and security desired is provided by the inhabitation of the architetcure.


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