Thesis Reflection

For the final stage of my thesis I propose to challenge my design to
further align with my research on boundary and surveillance. For this
initial design stage a created a mat like housing scheme, putting the
communal aspect of my scheme on the back-burner. This enabled me
to create an architecture and strategy that could successfully navigate
this site for an elderly community. Rectifying a strategy that addresses
the site challenges will allow me to intigrate the communal aspect of
the project into the current fabric.
The propoasl is to break the continum of housing with moments of
communal function, internal or external. These interjections of shared
spaces and facilities will provide a stronger presence of habitation
across the site, with daily activities being visibly carried out. This will
provide a habitation of the architecture that will activate the concept of
surrveillance and provide the security net needed.
The materiality and structure of the project will also be addressed to
allow the project to hollistically align as a design project. The skeletal
models that I have created to this point have a suggection of a hierarchy
of structure and materiality. Ii wish to address these with the
idea of time and functionality. To create rigid elements, such as the
parti-walls, as a frame work to which the buildings can be inserted and
manipulated to desire.
The detailed design of the boundaries and defining elements that will
identify this ‘community of care’ will bring the project full circle. The
project will embody the grain of the surrounding architecture in the
form of terraces. It will carve the ground of the site as the quarries
and surrounding terraced houses were carved into the landscape. The
strategy will reside on a site that has a life-long history of care and
surrviellance within the community of Bullock.
Giving this project strong temporal links with both it’s surround area
and architecture typology has aligned it with the notional concept of
‘The Pale’ as an inhabited boundary.


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