Thesis Conclusion

         Bullock Harbour is located along the southern coastline of Dublin. This
area is stipulated by a historical grain of military architecture and the
terrace house. The construction of Bullock Castle and the Martello
Towers provided bullock with a radial grain where surveillance and
identity over a landscape were paramount. Through-out the Georgian
and Victorian developments of the area, terrace housing began vastly
populating this once rural land. Today we can see that both this radial
and linear grain is still strongly evident.

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Through-out my thesis I sought to identify what makes this place and
try utilise them as drivers as an architectural project. The inherent
grain of surveillance and terracing allowed me to approach my site of
Bullcok castle in very clear manner. Given this site posses a history of
care, allowed me to explore to opportunity of a settlement that embodied
and channeled the place where it is located.


In designing this community of care I was able to question and explore
the traditional typology of the terrace house. Question the necessity of
the public to private sequence and to judge when this guide should be
manipulated or broken.

                                           Final Plans.jpg

My result is a knitted project that draws from the traditional, modern
and contemporary terrace house. Creating an intertwinement of dwellings
and semi-public space, where through the inhabitation of the architecture
care is provided for the dwellers.